June 13th, 2024
Autocluster Exhibition Centre, Pune, India

Reimagining Packaging: Smarter, Greener, Consumer-Centric

10:00 AM Onwards Registrations
10:45 AM - 11:00 AM Welcome and Inaugural (15 Minutes)
  • Opening remarks
  • Setting the stage for the day's discussions and highlighting the importance of packaging in today's world
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PANEL DISCUSSION -- I
Theme: Navigating the Packaging Landscape in 2024
This panel discussion dives into the current challenges faced by the Indian packaging industry. Experts will analyze government policies, subsidies, and PPP initiatives designed to support industry growth. Discussions will also explore incentives for businesses and provide an update on the evolving regulatory landscape.
  • Challenges faced by the Indian Packaging Industry: Examining key issues like raw material costs, technological gaps, infrastructure bottlenecks, and changing consumer demands (including sustainability preferences) impacting packaging businesses.
  • Government Policies and Support for Growth: Analyzing current policies, subsidies, and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) initiatives.
  • Incentives for Businesses: Exploring tax breaks, skill development programs, and other government support mechanisms.
  • Regulatory Landscape Update: Discussing recent changes in packaging regulations and their impact on the industry including EPR implementation.
  • Unmesh Rahatade - General Manager - Purchase - Reliance Industries Limited
  • TBA
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM PANEL DISCUSSION -- II
Theme: Profitability Meets Sustainability - A Delicate Balance

This panel explores the concept of achieving profitability while maintaining sustainable practices in packaging. Experts will discuss strategies to balance cost and eco-friendliness, identify affordable sustainable options, and analyze consumer preferences towards sustainable packaging. The session will also explore future-proof business models that prioritize both profitability and sustainability.
  • Achieving Profitability in a Sustainable Packaging Ecosystem: Exploring strategies to balance cost-effectiveness with eco-friendly practices.
  • Affordable Sustainable Packaging Options: Identifying cost-effective sustainable materials and production techniques.
  • Consumer Preferences and Sustainable Packaging: Understanding consumer attitudes towards sustainable packaging and its impact on buying decisions.
  • The Future of Sustainable Packaging Business Models: Discussing innovative business models that promote profitability and sustainability.
  • Samir Udhane - Senior Manager - Packaging Development - India & South East Asia - Kimberly Clark
  • Devojyoti Banerjee - Head - Logistics Planning (Body, Paint and Press shops) - SKODA Volkswagen India
  • Vijay Pawar - GM - Central Purchase – TATA AutoComp
  • Kunal K. Doshi - Head - Inbound Logistics & Packaging, Auto Division - Mahindra Group
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM Networking Lunch Break (Visit to Exhibition)
Theme: Unwrapping the Growth: Enhancing Customer Experience through Innovative Packaging
This panel explores how packaging can evolve to meet changing customer preferences for connected, interactive, and inclusive experiences. Experts will discuss trends in active and intelligent packaging technologies, inclusive design principles, e-commerce optimization strategies, and digital brand enhancement through packaging.
  • Active and Intelligent Packaging Technologies: Exploring RFID, NFC, QR codes, time-temperature indicators, anti-microbial films, and smart trackers for supply chain visibility, product protection, and consumer engagement.
  • Inclusive Design for Accessibility: Designing packaging for diverse abilities, ages, and cultural needs.
  • On-Package Digital Experiences: Leveraging smartphone apps, digital watermarks, and other technologies for enhanced branding.
  • E-commerce Packaging Strategies: Optimizing packaging for direct-to-consumer shipping and unboxing experiences.
  • Diwaker Bharadwaj - President Packaging & Brand Protection - Polycab India Limited
  • Paul Sandip - Co-Founder - Paul Studio & RedDot Design Awardee - TEDx Speaker
  • TBA
Theme: Food Grade Packaging: Ensuring Safety and Compliance
This panel delves into the critical role of packaging in ensuring food safety and regulatory compliance within the F&B industry. Experts will discuss packaging innovations that enhance product protection, explore challenges in last-mile distribution, and share insights on meeting stringent food safety standards.
  • Packaging Design for Food Safety: Exploring design features that minimize the risk of contamination, improve ease of use, and promote proper handling and storage of food products.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Food Contact Materials: Understanding FSSAI, FDA rules on safe packaging materials.
  • Packaging for Emerging Food Trends: Meeting needs of plant-based, clean-label, and functional food products.
  • Last Mile: Maintaining product integrity during transportation and delivery to the end consumer.
  • Priyanka Chauhan – Project Lead – Nestle India
  • Yogita Salunkhe – Senior Manager – Burger King India
  • Dr. Vaibhavi Pimpley – R&D Manager – Chitale Bandhu Group
  • TBA
04:00 PM -- 04:10 PM Key Takeaways of the Day & Thank You
04:10 PM Onwards Visit to Exhibition

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